We Can Do Better

Please stop building this garbage:

Proposed Foundry Flats Apartment Building

I’m not even sure where to start. It’s an office building. It’s literally the cheapest thing you an build. It is utterly devoid of any aesthetic value. It looks like a prison. Really? You think people will want to live here? Are you high? Who let this crap get through.

The Edge Apartments at 422 Vine St

For ‘The Edge’ apartment building they added some paint and variable skin to this but it’s still about as interesting as a block of concrete. This is an utter waste and creates an awful experience for the entire area. Walking by these huge blank faces is cold and repulsive. Not even awnings. Absolutely no street value.

Yes there are constraints and restrictions and requirements. Just like every other city on the planet. So, why exactly is this worthless garbage being built? I would venture that it’s what happens when apartments are built to a ‘bottom line’ on a proforma rather than being built to perform for the residents and the city. With the market for apartment buildings being so overblown nationally these will endure for quite a while with little to no further investment. Meaning we will be looking at these blank, featureless prison faces for the next twenty or more years.

Here are a couple examples of apartments that could have been built instead of this cheap crap:

None of these are difficult from a building standpoint and they bring the entire area around them up in aesthetic value. They’re additive.

Enough with the ‘bottom line building’. With 6000 + units being built in the last five years it’s time for Chattanooga to lead the charge and push projects of actual civic value. We have beds now we need vision.

Unique buildings have always commanded a premium. So the money excuse is a weak one. So, who is going to step up and actually give us something to be proud of. Something the rest of the country will see and say ‘WOW!’ Look at what they’re doing in Chattanooga. Something that will add value to the city rather than just using our infrastructure to enrich the owners.

Stop building crap.