The Future of Transport in the Chattanooga area

How this issue is addressed and managed over the long term will have a substantial effect on the success or failure of the Chattanooga area. Figuring out how to move people is one of the most difficult challenges in any growing area. Yes it’s great to have VW adding more jobs but the supplies for those jobs come in on trucks and the workers drive in – alone – in cars.

More Discussion on Opportunity Zones

Looking at OZs on a national level this CNU article makes some good points that will apply to Chattanooga: the city needs to be ready to go with plans in place to facilitate the best leverage of OZ investors implementing ideas the city actually wants. There will be plenty of money churning around the OZ idea for years to come and clear direction will be critical:

Million Dollar Townhomes

The final phase of the high end brownstones downtown. It will be interesting to watch the absorption of these units. With three already supposedly spoken for they will provide a barometer for the high end of the residential market. The units at Cameron Harbor would be the competition for these in that range and with those providing boat slips and views for me it’s not a hard choice:

More East main Condos

Smaller boutique projects like this one provide excellent variation and help to assemble an interesting fabric that makes the East Main area one of the most appealing places to buy into. As the remainder of the vacant lots and older storefronts are developed the values are going to keep pushing the stratosphere. People like urban walkable and will pay a premium to be in an aesthetically appealing area.